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Customer Testimonials:

Desert Sands, NM - Arsenic Treatment System

“I had gone to one of their treatments in Springfield, Ohio that impressed me...it's one of the major reasons we selected AdEdge Technologies. Of the samples taken to the labs, all our arsenic, looks to be being removed, from 17 parts down to no-detects. I do recommend AdEdge and I recommend other water systems look at AdEdge Technologies for their arsenic treatment here in New Mexico. Take a good look at them because they are a proven technology.”

Pete Gomez, Head Operator for Desert Sands Mutual Domestic


Village of Corona, NM - Iron & Manganese Treatment System

“ Working with AdEdge people, I became convinced that it was the solution to our problem. It was a good experience and has been working flawlessly since we put it in, in 2009.”

Turner Wilson, Director of Public Works, Village of Corona, NM.


Alpine Forest, CA - Iron & Manganese Treatment System

"I'm very pleased with the Fe/Mn  filtration plant AdEdge installed at AFP Mutual (Alpine Forest, CA). I not only help monitor"I'm very pleased with the Fe/Mn  filtration plant AdEdge installed at AFP Mutual (Alpine Forest, CA). I not only help monitor this system - I am one of the owners of this system! The fact that the treatment plant happens to be on the lot next to my office and home gives me the opportunity to see the amount of actual staff time that is spent "servicing" the plant. And we have four (4) wells and over 250 connections! You probably already know there's not much time spent servicing the plant!"

Steve White - Alpine Forest, CA


Genesseo Hills, Arsenic Treatment System

"The success of the AdEdge system at Genesseo Hills has allowed other communities in the area to benefit from having a simple to use, cost-effective arsenic removal system. The system we choose was the right one" 

 Merle Loete, Operator - Genesseo Hills


Claredon Water Company

"Since the installation of our system, the water is PERFECT. It acutally sparkles!!! No more smell, no yellow spots on the white clothes, no more oily film on top of the water, no daily cleaning of the toilets. We have had 2 arsenic tests done and both times the level was less than 0.002mg/L."

Tom and Diane Eaton - Claredon Water Company.





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