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AdEdge Systems


AdEdge Packaged Unit - Skid Mounted Treatment Systems
Systems shipped ready for field assembly and installation
Complete systems that include pre-treatment, primary treatment and post treatment needs.
Systems designed for iron & manganese removal
Designed for tap, well, or surface water applications.
AdEdge treatment for mining applications
Containerized Treatment Units
AdEdge H2Zero Recycle/Backwash Systems

System Media

Questions and answers about AD26
Uranium reduction media
Media for Fluoride removal
Arsenic, Iron & Manganese Reduction media
Granular filtration media

AdVantEdge‚Ą?Residential Products

Point of entry arsenic removal systems
Point of use high capacity treatment system
Point of use dual cartridge system for arsenic removal
Frequently Asked Questions POE Systems

Residential Cartridges

Test kits for on-site stesting of water for arsenic
2.75" x 10" Arsenic Removal Cartridge
4.5" x 10" Arsenic Removal Cartridge
2.75" x 10" Arsenic /Taste/Odor /Chlorine
2.75" x 10" Iron/Manganese Removal Cartridge
2" x 10" In-line Arsenic Removal Cartridge

Other Literature

Projects by AdEdge on Native American Sites
EPA Demonstration Projects by AdEdge


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