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Partnering with Engineers

The majority of our projects involve the end user or client’s engineer that serves as a primary point of contact for AdEdge whether in the scoping, estimating, procurement, or construction oversight phases of a project.   We have successfully worked side by side with over 100 different small, midsize, and large engineering firms providing our wide range of water technologies from adsorption, coagulation / filtration, ion exchange, oxidation / filtration, general filtration, and membrane technologies including reverse osmosis. Our Clients

AdEdge Technologies, Inc (AdEdge) listens to customers, develops and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value.  Enabled by our client focused business model, our most important attribute is dedication to customer service, providing high levels of responsiveness, care and integrity throughout our company, distribution network relationships and business partners.  AdEdge builds every system to order and offers customers powerful, operator-friendly systems at competitive prices.  Our technical service team supports AdEdge equipment with comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings and on-site service / support.

Our approach is simple and streamlined to accomplish your objectives.  We work with the end user or engineer to:

  • Review water quality and define treatment objectives
  • Determine site limitations, cost constraints, and site specific factors that affect the technology choice
  • Evaluate various proven treatment technologies to accomplish objectives
  • Work  side by side with the engineer and customer to define and design the treatment train to reduce target contaminants at the lowest cost
  • Customize the solution if needed to fit the situation
  • Provide integration for the entire system (if desired) to achieve centralized treatment and simplicity of operation

Common AdEdge value-added deliverables we routinely provide include:

  • Submittals and equipment related design documents to support permitting
  • Equipment design calculations and sizing
  • Pilot, field, or full scale performance data support the technology we recommend
  • Engineering shop drawings for all equipment we supply
  • O&M manuals and operator training documents
  • System Commissioning Plan which outlines a plan for system  startup and training
  • Training schedule and follow up care

With this approach we can over time develop a true partnership with the engineer, that will enable the project team to achieve the desired results faster, better, and less expensively for the end user than competitors.     Our track record proves this out and is the primary reason Engineers repeatedly choose AdEdge, and why 70% of our new business comes from referrals.


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