AdEdge now offers project financing assistance through VCLEAR Capital LLC, a new subsidiary of VCLEAR Resources LLC, the parent company of AdEdge Water Technologies. VCLEAR Capital provides AdEdge customers with multiple financing program options for their water treatment systems. These programs include equipment financing (e.g. 3, 5, 10 year terms), installment sale contracts, long and short term debt financing and lease programs.

VCLEAR Capital offers access to flexible payment structures and a simple credit application/qualification process. Customizable credit packages are available for water system design and manufacturing, construction, installation, building infrastructure, media replacement, operations and maintenance.

VCLEAR Capital offers customers faster execution (more that 50% - 75% less than Federal and state loan/grant programs), no bonding, streamlined engineering, design build concept and elimination of piloting. They will also offer a reasonable and timely approval process.
Financing assistance is available to municipalities, domestic mutual water companies, private water companies, homeowner associations, water districts, MUDS, industrial clients and remediation site PRPs. 

For more information contact:
Bill Gafford, President, VCLEAR Capital LLC

Access to Capital remains the number one reason drinking water treatment projects are stalled in the U.S. It is not for a lack of cost-effective technologies, but rather the availability of timely and accessible dollars which end users greatly need to accomplish their desires for the water systems and communities they serve.


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